Special Education Forum

Thanks for those involved with organizing this event, you can see my answers to the questions on the Special Education Forum page.  More questions were asked, and I wanted to share some of the highlights and thoughts for those who were not there.

  • Judging Motives – This is a problem found here and in other areas.  It was raised when one of the questions included the assumption that the Superintendent resigned because of issues with the board.  I asked if anyone heard this from the Superintendent, the answer was no, it was assumed.  The point being, when we make these assumptions we go down roads that do not help the situation because very often these assumptions are wrong.  Let’s focus on the job at hand, and stay away from judging motives. 
  • Nutrition and Sleep –  As parents, we can help our children perform better in school with proper nutrition, rest, and limiting their exposure to technology. This cannot remedy all of the issues, of course, but it is something we should strive for in general.
  • Communication – Staff needs to feel they have the ability to communicate directly with the board if they feel issues are not being addressed.  It seems that the department struggled longer than it needed to because the board was being left in the dark.  I suggested this can be done via survey given to each department.  I believe it would be good practice for all departments to implement, and can be a valuable tool to evaluate department head performance.

Here is the article for your review covering the event.