Recent Updates

This website is meant to communicate to the community who I am, what I think, and how I can help. If you are using a phone, links to my views on various issues are on the bottom. If you are using a desktop they appear on the right. Under my picture, there is a menu with generic info and ways to get involved.

Interesting that a new book has come out highlighting the damage that Facebook can have on young minds, echoing what I shared on my Social Media post, called Zucked. I listened to the author being interviewed, and it was very interesting.

To that effect, the reason why I do not want to debate on social media is because it has been hijacked by people that do not know much about the issues, and even less about me. I am spending my time learning about the issues from various perspectives, and formulating my views so I can be an effective board member. It is a futile exercise to engage with people on social media where lies are the norm and there is no respect or reason.

If you have any issue with any of my views, I encourage you to ask me about it and do not take it from third party sources who consistently manipulate or deceive.  I have a section titled Reality Check under my picture that clarifies some of my positions.

Keep coming back to check for new content. I have added, Fiscal Policy and my desire for H.I.T.A to be used in all decisions page, Vaping and other issues including the 4 C’s.

If you appreciate my thoughts, I need your help. Check out the Voting Instructions page under my name. Talk to your friends and neighbors, share the website, post it wherever and if you want to meet send me a line.