My offer – Reasonableness

Reasonableness is what I offer the District.

I am going to share my views genuinely, not cater my answers to the audience. I want to be transparent, not just talk about it.

I have all my answers on this page under key issues. I also listed links below to help you quickly navigate, including PREA, Special Education Forum, Daily Herald, and my speech from the Candidate Forum.

This has been a great experience to get to know you, and here is what I have learned.  This town is filled with great people that love their family, community, and do not want the theatrics and divisiveness that plagues our country to come here. There are a few that want to distort and distract, and that is one of the reasons I decided to run.

My website and campaign have been about sharing ideas and content, I know if the discussion stays there, we will win.  I do not want your money, and I am not going to ask you to put a sign in your yard; but if this is important to you, please tell your friends and share via email or Facebook so more people can be informed.

I will continue to stand up up for the 4 C’s, and Transparency. If you want me to fight for you, come out and vote, early voting starts March 18th.