Thank You

Appreciate every vote you casted for me Tuesday. We did it the old fashioned way, talking about issues and letting you know where I stand clearly.

I did not want to make it about money, signs, or other distractions. It is so hard to learn anything of substance about local candidates, and I wanted to change that in my own way.

For those of you who appreciate that, email me and let’s keep talking. Do not be discouraged, engage and learn about the candidates past what the newspapers say.

Talk to your neighbors about it, hold your newly elected board members accountable. Look into who is supporting them.

There is a a union negotiation coming up, let’s make sure the board members are representing the communities best interest, and not anything else.

Talk soon, say hi. Thanks.

Committed to Transparency

Election day is April 2nd, early voting going on now.

I am happy to have an endorsement committing to make all of our contract negotiations public for all to see. Open and Transparent negotiation is the only way to ensure our money is spent responsibly.

Action Ridge finally agreed to make the public forum made public after several requests. You can hear it here.

Here are all the candidate responses to the PREA questions. My goal is to make all information available to all voters and let you decide.

Early Voting Starts

Exercise your right to be heard the real way. Come out and vote, early voting going on now at Centennial Activity Center in Park Ridge, directions here.

My Daily Herald Candidate Bio, can be found here.

As long as this District informs themselves, and makes up their own mind, we will win.

Please explore this website where I try to share my thoughts and give you an insight into why I think I would be an effective board member.

Come out and vote. Thanks for visiting.

My offer – Reasonableness

Reasonableness is what I offer the District.

I am going to share my views genuinely, not cater my answers to the audience. I want to be transparent, not just talk about it.

I have all my answers on this page under key issues. I also listed links below to help you quickly navigate, including PREA, Special Education Forum, Daily Herald, and my speech from the Candidate Forum.

This has been a great experience to get to know you, and here is what I have learned.  This town is filled with great people that love their family, community, and do not want the theatrics and divisiveness that plagues our country to come here. There are a few that want to distort and distract, and that is one of the reasons I decided to run.

My website and campaign have been about sharing ideas and content, I know if the discussion stays there, we will win.  I do not want your money, and I am not going to ask you to put a sign in your yard; but if this is important to you, please tell your friends and share via email or Facebook so more people can be informed.

I will continue to stand up up for the 4 C’s, and Transparency. If you want me to fight for you, come out and vote, early voting starts March 18th.

Recent Updates

This website is meant to communicate to the community who I am, what I think, and how I can help. If you are using a phone, links to my views on various issues are on the bottom. If you are using a desktop they appear on the right. Under my picture, there is a menu with generic info and ways to get involved.

Interesting that a new book has come out highlighting the damage that Facebook can have on young minds, echoing what I shared on my Social Media post, called Zucked. I listened to the author being interviewed, and it was very interesting.

To that effect, the reason why I do not want to debate on social media is because it has been hijacked by people that do not know much about the issues, and even less about me. I am spending my time learning about the issues from various perspectives, and formulating my views so I can be an effective board member. It is a futile exercise to engage with people on social media where lies are the norm and there is no respect or reason.

If you have any issue with any of my views, I encourage you to ask me about it and do not take it from third party sources who consistently manipulate or deceive.  I have a section titled Reality Check under my picture that clarifies some of my positions.

Keep coming back to check for new content. I have added, Fiscal Policy and my desire for H.I.T.A to be used in all decisions page, Vaping and other issues including the 4 C’s.

If you appreciate my thoughts, I need your help. Check out the Voting Instructions page under my name. Talk to your friends and neighbors, share the website, post it wherever and if you want to meet send me a line.

Special Education Forum

Thanks for those involved with organizing this event, you can see my answers to the questions on the Special Education Forum page.  More questions were asked, and I wanted to share some of the highlights and thoughts for those who were not there.

  • Judging Motives – This is a problem found here and in other areas.  It was raised when one of the questions included the assumption that the Superintendent resigned because of issues with the board.  I asked if anyone heard this from the Superintendent, the answer was no, it was assumed.  The point being, when we make these assumptions we go down roads that do not help the situation because very often these assumptions are wrong.  Let’s focus on the job at hand, and stay away from judging motives. 
  • Nutrition and Sleep –  As parents, we can help our children perform better in school with proper nutrition, rest, and limiting their exposure to technology. This cannot remedy all of the issues, of course, but it is something we should strive for in general.
  • Communication – Staff needs to feel they have the ability to communicate directly with the board if they feel issues are not being addressed.  It seems that the department struggled longer than it needed to because the board was being left in the dark.  I suggested this can be done via survey given to each department.  I believe it would be good practice for all departments to implement, and can be a valuable tool to evaluate department head performance.

Here is the article for your review covering the event.

Kiwanis Spaghetti Dinner

It was great to meet so many fantastic members of the community at this event.  My family and I enjoyed breaking bread and making some new friends.  In learning more about this organization, the following proverb came to mind.  “In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty.”  These folks do some great work in the community, but do not seek to advertise it, they just get out there and do it.  A great example, and if you were not able to make it, check out their website to learn more.