Community Q & A

I have been asked some questions and want to provide my answers here. 

This has to do with something we heard. Not wanting to react to rumor we thought we’d come to the source. What we heard was that you support armed security in the D64 schools. I have looked at your web site and could not find any definitive statement to this effect. However, your answer to the Park Ridge Herald SRO questions seems to imply that you would be for this. So do you have a definitive stance on the district hiring armed security for the schools?
I first directed him to the response I gave the Herald found here.
SRO is a term that needs defining.  What you are referring to and what I am referring to could be different. 
I think a fair, balanced debate needs to happen presenting pros and cons of armed security in some form.  If done, I would be more inclined to a retired police, plain clothed, model.  Again, there to provide protection and first aid, not to be an enforcer of school rules.  
I am a reasonable person. I want to hear the will of the entire district.  The citizens deserve to hear both sides fairly and we need to have a measured debate about it.  
That was not allowed to happen the first time around. 
If the will of the district is no, then we move on.  This is not about what I want, it is about what the district wants. 
I cannot have a definitive stance because the debate was not allowed to happen, and I do not think a balanced voice from the citizens was heard.  
I would organize some informative sessions for the community to hear both sides presented fairly, and then listen to the people.