Forum Speech

Here are the remarks I presented at the Forum, we had to cut down time so I italicized sections I left out because I wanted to respect the rules.  Thanks.

My name is Sal Galati and I am running for one of the 4-year seats for the D64 School Board.

I will read my remarks, I like to speak freely, but I am a talker and would go well over my four minutes without some structure.

I am excited to speak with all of you afterwards.

Please visit my website, where I have my views, background, and experience clearly stated. If you like it, send it, post it, text it. This race should be about ideas and character, nothing else. Get to know all the candidates, and get your neighbors involved. This will ensure the will of the district is reflected. Website again is

I made the website because I wanted to control my message and not let people distort who I am on social media.

The fact that I had to do a reality check on my website is telling about what has happened in our town. The lies do not affect me personally, I simply do not want lies to hamper my ability to help this district.

I am running based on 4 C’s Communication, Common Sense, Conscience, and Curriculum. Trust you will hear that vision ring throughout my speech.

Reasonableness and a willingness to listen to all perspective is what I offer. This should be common sense, but it offends people who want to impose their will on others.

I know the people in this town, they do not want the hostility and mudslinging that has transpired. I will stop it, by shining light on it. I will not allow the antics of a few people disturb the function of the people’s board.

I would facilitate more meetings with community members outside of board meetings to wrestle with issues. Assemble a group of people with differing views, encourage respectful conversations, and reach compromise. Then we can bring ideas and solutions to the board meetings, rather than just criticism.

This has been hard to do as a citizen, disruptive people do not want to engage in debate, they only seek to complain and insult. As a board member, I will make it happen. If people do not want to collaborate, they can remain in their echo chambers, but they will not be allowed to continually disturb the functioning of the board, they must present relevant truth to support their claims.

I trust the more people involved the better, I want the majority heard, and not our decisions swayed by a vocal few. I will spend the time, but I need your vote and I need you to talk to your neighbors and share my website. Complacency is the breeding ground for bad ideas to prevail.

Social Media is not the place for debate. There is no integrity and ideas are more complicated than can be communicated in an all CAPS post with some exclamation points.

People have asked me to allow for comments on my website, or to engage on social media. When I ask if I can post our private email exchanges, they do not want me to. Why, because they know it will demonstrate they have no interest in the best ideas being pursued, but only their personal agenda.

I stand by everything I say, and I have said more on my website than any candidate about where I stand on the issues. I am humble enough to change course if convinced I am wrong with evidence. I will not dignify nonsense with my time, I get a lot done in my life because I avoid distractions.

I am here and available, look me in the eye and share your concern. This, by the way, is the most effective way to stop bullying, by modeling it for our kids, not by demanding that the schools fix it.

Which brings me to my next point. As a parent, I do not want to off load my responsibilities on the district. The schools job is to educate, and their ability to do that is suffering because we are imposing the role of parenthood on them.

Children have five years at home before they enter our schools. Even then, they spend most of their life at home with their parents. I do not expect the school to teach my children civility, decency, and respect. Our teachers can be supportive in that role, but that job is on the parents.

Ultimately, the way we teach our children how to treat people is based on our own behavior, not by Facebook posts.

I want to focus the boards work back to education for all students. The schools are there to teach our children, math, science, history, and civics so they can be productive members of society. I also want to develop their ability to think, and not what to think.

We need to be sending our children into our schools well nourished, well rested, and support a thirst for knowledge. We need to support our teacher’s efforts and allow them to discipline within the parameters we set. We need less lawsuits and more conversations.

I have spent a lot of time learning about our special education program. I attended and addressed questions in a forum with parents and posted my answers and thoughts on that issue on my website. I respect all life as having sacred worth, and that will guide me in my decisions that will protect the most vulnerable in our district.

I have many interests and passions, and my diverse background and experiences have prepared me to be an effective board member. There are many less flashy issues that a board member needs to address like building maintenance, budgets, contract negotiations, new hires. I have worked on all these things in my private life and would bring a well-rounded perspective to this board. I was also raised by immigrant parents who appreciated that money is not an inexhaustible resource, and I highlight that in my fiscal policy page on my website.

The board needs to govern reflecting the whole district, not personal agendas. I want to hear from all citizens and promise to listen to all respectful voices. I have a concern that some candidates are interested in their own will over will of the district. I have some personal experience that confirms that.

With our Superintendent resigning and now four principals leaving our district, if you have not paid attention to school board elections in the past, you should this year.

So here is the decision, vote for people that promote theatrics, insults, and distractions, or vote for people that want to bring civility, reasonableness, and truth back to the board.

If it sounds like I care, it is because I do.

Again, please check out my website to learn more and share it with your friends and neighbors. Thanks for coming.