About Me

I graduated from Maine East in 2001 where I participated in Band, Cross Country, and Track.  At the time, we were named the most diverse school in the nation.  It was a fantastic way to grow up realizing no matter our cultural differences, consistently my friends’ families came to America because they understood the opportunity this country afforded them that their home did not.  We made friends not on lines of ethnicity, but on lines of interest like music, sports, or academics. 

I am a first generation American from Italy.  I get to enjoy the sacrifice my grandparents and parents made to leave their home.  I understand that it was not necessarily to make a better life for themselves, but a better life for their children.  I cherish that, and the opportunity we have in this Nation to make of ourselves wherever our talents and efforts take us.

In 2005 I graduated with Honors from the University of Illinois in Champaign with a degree in Finance.  I was a Teacher’s Assistant for an Insurance Course for my Junior and Senior years.

My most important job is that of a husband and a father of two children.  I work in the insurance industry in an environment where I am able to learn from others, collaborate, problem solve, negotiate, train, drive sales, manage and evaluate people. 

I would say I have learned more since College, then when I was in College.  I love to study the Bible, History, Philosophy, different Worldviews and Religions.  I enjoy watching debates on Politics, Science, and Religion and my views stem from listening to as many perspectives as possible.

I have the nickname of “all in”, when I get excited about something I go all in.  I decided to get involved because I do not feel the will of the district is effectively being heard.  I know it is a time commitment to get involved, so I decided to take it on and hopefully help more people get their voice heard through me. 

We cannot agree on every issue, but we must agree that the manner we go about reaching decisions is civil, respectful, and truthful.

I have no social media presence and am not interested in participating in a dialogue there.  There is no accountability and I have found when people do not look each other in the eye, the tone and treatment is very disrespectful. It is curious to me how often we hear about bullying in our schools, but we never look at our own conduct on these platforms.  I am very interested in public debate, and discussion and am open to any invitations I am extended.

I do not get personally offended, but I will defend myself if it is distracting from the issues.  I actually enjoy talking to people about issues we disagree with more than those we agree on.  I always try to direct our conversation to the disagreement, because that is where the opportunity to learn is. 

I have the balanced background of skills, knowledge, and ability to listen and learn to be able to make informed decisions that fairly represent the  will of the Community.