My Views on Social Media

I think it is important that I share my views on Social Media.  At inception, I think it had great potential and worth to connect us, but the way it is used now it disconnects us.

I was part of the first class of the Facebook generation.  I was in college back when it only allowed college students on. It was used as a way to expand your network of friends, get in on social gatherings, and share pictures.  Fortunately by college, I had a good sense of my identity and it wasn’t shaken by others views of me.  I could not imagine as a young teenager, being bombarded with the information that is on these platforms now.  Our children are not given the opportunity to think, they are being told what to think constantly.  Further, it is a constant assault of people portraying only the good things in their life.  This leaves children feeling inadequate, or unable to share their concerns because they feel that no one else shares them.

No life is perfect,  but you would not know that basing your reality on what people share on these platforms.. I do not say that in a condescending way, it is completely natural and expected to do that.  We as adults understand this, but I do not think our children do.

Now as for the adults, we need to model some better behavior.  We should use some measure with our comments and insults and ask if we would say that to the person to their face.  More importantly, we should not be casting judgements of people we hardly even know.  We need to treat each other with dignity of being human, not just someone on the other side of the screen. 

I think some healthy dilaougue for these students via student assembly perhaps would be warranted. We are educating our children to know math, science, history, etc but we should also be preparing them to deal in the world we reside in.

Like I am trying to do with the school board, lets encourage in person interaction.  I want to help teach our children how to deal, and interact with social media in a healthy way.