Our Campaign

I want to do this with all of you. I know it is tough to find the time to get involved and become informed of all the issues and weigh in. I want to hear from you and get a real pulse of what the district wants.  At the national and state level, our voices get washed out, but locally we can accomplish something.

I am not doing this for personal gain, I have nothing personally to gain but I do think I can bring some valueto the discussion.

I am going to attempt to run this campaign without spending money. I may buy yard signs at somepoint, but honestly, I rather communicate with you here or in person. Spending money is an easy thing to do, but not worth doing if it does not bring results or value.  That is the type of thinking I want to bring to the board.  We cannot just throw money at problems, we need to exhaust all the options before we resort to opening the coffers. 

You should care whoever you are, our children’s education, taxes, and property values all depend on it. We all know that people move to our wonderful town because of the schools, but we cannot take that for granted.

Help me help you maintain the quality of the schools, encourage transparency in decisions, and use our finite resources responsibly.   Every one of you can touch people and help me reach them.