Pro GOOD Teachers

I have been asked if I am for Teachers.

My answer is I am for GOOD teachers and will advocate for them to be compensated accordingly.

We trust our teachers to have a very influential role in the lives of our little ones, so we need to ensure we reward them when they are doing the job effectively.  We must also demand the same accountability that we all face in our work and personal relationships.

Any good relationship is set on transparency and accountability.  It is no different with the relationship between the teachers and the District.  To the teachers who excel in their profession, and effectively teach our students, this should be great news to hear. 

Setting up fair, measurable, and transparent evaluations for our teachers will reward those doing good work and encourage others to improve.  We will also attract the best talent as they know their efforts will be rewarded, while discouraging others as they will not.  This will bring the best value to the taxpayer in how our money is spent on this important asset.