Reality Check

I decided to run to stop deception and nonsense from effecting our discussions. I will do so here.

I want to spend time talking about the issues, but I will briefly correct the distortions here.  There is a group of people that consistently pass judgement on others they do not even know.  I will let the public decide if that is beneficial or not to the type of community we want to be.

  • Do I own a Security Firm – No, I am actually dedicating my own time for no financial gain to try and help the District.
  • Am I a Sexist – I was called a sexist by someone for suggesting it would be inappropriate for us to meet with no one else around.  Those who know me, know I am not a sexist.  We should evaluate people on character and ideas not purely on sex, that is what I teach my daughter.
  • Facebook Use – I will not debate on Facebook for the reasons I laid out before, but I encourage people to post my page so people can learn about me and I can hear from them. No one should be opposed to my ideas being shared, unless they are worried that more people agree with me than not.
  • Insensitive to Children with Special Needs – Anyone who actually knows me knows this is false and I respect all people because they have a sacred worth.  An email circulated for a while taken out of context. My comments on Nutrition and Sleep were specific to children that were struggling in school, but did not quality for an IEP.  It should not be an item to debate that nutrition, sleep, and limited exposure to technology will set up students for the best outcome.  My statements are clear, this does not mean this can remedy all issues.
  • SRO Involvement– I never supported the Pilot SRO and I got involved well after that was voted on.  My whole goal, as it is with all issues, was to generate a dialogue and see where the community truly stands so the board can act accordingly.  I made some posts online, well before I decided to run, trying to stimulate that conversation and answer questions I heard from the community.  I saw a lot of propaganda being pushed as unbiased research, and I was trying to balance the dialogue.  After listening to the issues raised with the Pilot program, I came up with an idea that addressed them all.  I try not to complain about something, unless I am willing to provide ideas to make it better.  I am not saying we need to do it, but I do not see why we cannot even debate it and exchange some ideas.

Overall, we need to start identifying people that have a track record of distorting reality online.  Everyone gets to speak, but we need to vet out which voices we will listen to based on their track records of being honest. 

If we want to teach our children not to bully others, I have no idea how we will succeed if the adults act like this.  If you are tired of this type of politics, do not worry about Facebook. Make sure to come out and vote, instructions are here.