Security Ideas

When it comes to security there can be a lot of division in opinion, first and foremost I am an advocate for a healthy, civil, truthful, debate so the will of the majority is heard.  Given that I think we should focus on the things we can do that we can all agree on.

Gun Safety- The Spokesman had information recently about proper gun safety. Kudos to them and this is something we cannot talk enough about. The first thing we can do as a community is make sure that these weapons are responsibly secured. I trust the majority of the community follows these rules, but never a bad thing to remind ourselves and others.

Emotional Health – This is something we all need to pay attention to, and we can have more impact in our homes than at the school level.  The professionals in the school that are placed to identify and address issues need to be held accountable as well.  Paying attention to our children’s exposure to Social Media, can have a meaningful impact on improving overall emotional health.

As always would love to hear your thoughts and views on this.