The 4 C’s for D64

I am running on these principles:

Communication –  Getting more perspective from the entire community so the Board can align their decisions with the will of the district.

Curriculum – We need to teach our children how to think not what to think, preparing them to be informed productive members of society.

Conscience -We need to clearly define what is right and wrong and model that for our children.  If the adults do not represent these traits, we cannot be upset when our children do not.

Common Sense – Research is a helpful tool, but only when unbiased and relevant to the topic.  We must not ignore our senses and real – life experiences to help guide us to the most effective decisions.

I want to improve the quality of our schools, while also using our finite resources in a manner that is respectful to all the citizens.  We need to implement the resources as if they are our own, mindful that we are entrusted ultimately with others hard-earned money.