I believe we have a situation in our junior highs with vaping.  I think culturally we have to take a step back and decide if we want to parent our children while they under our supervision, or allow them to make bad choices and hope they right the ship as they get older.  I do not believe that our schools should be a substitute for parenting.  Teachers should be given the authority to enforce the rules of the school, and their actions need to be reinforced in the students home life.  The consistent message that rules need to be followed should be communicated always.  Of course, the discipline should be in line with the violation, and there is always oversight to ensure that is taking place.  Whatever the adult situation is at home, the onus is on the parents to send students to school prepared to learn, and respectful of the authority put in charge of them.

If we want to prioritize their feelings over their well-being, we are doing them a disservice.  Discipline is the loving thing to do, we all know this looking back at our childhood.  We are grateful for the temporary disappointment that ultimately led to better decisions later in life.  We are the adults, we have the life experience to know better, and we should be imparting that wisdom onto them.  Even if you are okay with your child vaping, we still need to enforce the rules of the school and the law of the land.  It is also not respectful to those students that have no desire to be exposed to it.  If our goal is to prepare our students to have a productive meaningful life, how does it help to allow them to be hamstrung by an addiction to a substance?

It is our job to prepare our children for life, a good first step is teaching that rules and laws need to be followed whoever you are.  We are not setting up our children for success in life by teaching them to ignore the law and allowing them to become addicted to any substance.